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About Ray Sheffer

I am a self taught photographer and I have doing photography since 2010. I am currently living in San Juan County, Washington State. Originally, I was born and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for eleven years, before parents and I moved to Washington in 2003. I have always enjoyed looking at photographs my whole life and especially wildlife photography. I didn't really start shoot photographs tell my summer going into my senior year in high school. As time progressed, I was starting to take photography more seriously where I wanted to make a living from it. So, after graduation, I contacted the local newspaper if they wanted a correspondent photographer and after they viewed my work. I started shooting the high school sport for them. After awhile there. They helped me get a scholarship that covered one online class at the Skagit Valley College. That online class and the photography class I took in high school, were the only one's I took. The rest I learned on my own. Now, I am photographing wildlife, landscapes and people.

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